Spawn of Satan/Bloodsick -
Split CD

(Hells Headbangers rec.)

MARK: 80/100


First release from the Ohio label presenting a satanic quintet known as The Spawn Of Satan, unleashing hellish images, the evil sides of religion and the supernatural elements of the black arts, and Bloodsick's previously unreleased demo "By the Blood of the Goat"; this band includes ex members from hard-corers Decimation, Domestic Crisis, Decrepit, Integrity (!), Terror, Lek, Ringworm, Cleveland murder cretins Apt. 213 and even rotting grinders Mortician.

Spawn of Satan have a death voice, sometimes just very rough as if there were a poisonous Lemmy behind the mike, on a HM/thrash texture gifted with ungraceful and perverted guitar solos. The guitar sounds are a mix between the Swedish fat sounds and the German thrash old school. In a nuthsell take Entombed, Carnage, Dismember, Venom, Destruction, Kreator, Morbid Angel and Nunslaughter - of which Jim Sadist is also member along with musicians from Soulless (then Bloodsick), All That Is Evil, Decrepit, Dead of Night and Blood of Christ (RIP) - then shake all very well.
The bass makes all very oppressive, while the drum sounds are quite dirty, tho' as the rhythmic plots are easy, they're OK like that. Their secret is being catchy, raw, vicious, heavy at the same time and using several well-chosen time changes inside each song, and finally scorching solos, as best shown in "What Evil Dwells". Nevertheless my fave tracks appear to be "The Church of Horror" and the closer "The Everlasting Terror"; the latter will be dug especially by people around 30 like me, fans who adored the German thrash played between '85 and '92, without renouncing a Bay Area riff within the same track. (Mark:85).

Definitely more modern are the protagonists of the following another 5 compositions of the split, in which an aggressive metal enriched by a more dynamic structure is displayed; the voice is here a bit closer to HC and sounds desperate (not far from the sick Macabre's), whereas the drum parts crush everything, and if that weren't enough you have to face a rapid assault substained by evil vocals and guitars in my opinion a little too low mixed. In songs like "Endofall" Bloodsick leave some place to doom periods making them sound 'most alà My Dying Bride, before becoming brutal-core/metal again. A fairly unusual mix, sure attractive, although you sometimes feel the need of a better elaboration of songwriting and arrangement. (Mark: 75).

Even if Bloodsick don't exist anymore and have evolved into Soulless, this is a good occasion to listen to their roots, while Spawn of Satan is a band destined to have a radiant future in the (US) extreme underground, so let's wait for their full-length at the soonest.




Spawn of Satan:
-Split CD with Bloodsick (2002)

Bloodsick (Now Soulless)
-By the Blood of the Goat (demo, reprinted on this split CD, 2002)
-Split 7" with Nunslaughter (96)

Spawn of Satan's Jim Satanic

Bloodsick's Jim