'Grinding Dancers from Outa Space'

(Noisi Production)

MARK: 71/100


It's a titanic task to catalogue such an insane band and even more to understand what kind of public to recommend it to. As a matter of fact the Teutonic 3-piece deals with a rather new genre, Cyber Disco Grind Rock, and in my life the bands I've heard playing this can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
The first release of the German newborn label is fairly heterogeneous as shown in the following synapsis.

After the freezing experimental "Intro de Muerte", we have "Slave" which reminds me of the Berzerker and "Cucas Don't Lie" too, made strong by the best vocals of the platter, vomited and death-rattling. Also the decayed and moshing "Green Card for All" and "Formatris" feel the influence of the Australian team, whereas "Ride My Horse" could be described as No Means No on acid! Pure CyberGrind are "Shake the Mouth" and "Brown Brains - Kick This", actually nothing special, while things get better with the Noise/Metal "Dooming Maggots" and the loony "Kids Playing Crazy"; this song is quite Sore Throat-like and so is the disturbing "Let's Kill A Nazi Scum".
Consistently with the name, "3,5 Tons of Putrid People" (great title!), moves among early Carcass, C.S.S.O., Agoraphobic Nosebleed and the Berzerker again, while "Reality of Pubs" places itselfbetween Godflesh/Scorn and the bravest Pungent Stench. The winning "Nice Ass but Not Fat" (?), "The Horny Asshole" and "Under Water Love Song" got me thinking of Naked City grappling with electronics; in the former singer Ricotz sounds like Les Claypool behind the mike, in the second he really has scary lunatic vocals on an apparently serene arpeggio; wonderful avantgarde music with sudden breaks of Cybergore.
Spaceshiters don't repeat themselves too much and so we meet diferent tracks such as "Cows Are Girls' Best Friends" (another great funny title for a song of Industrial Doom with rotten vocals) and "Speed Freak", a hammering chip of few seconds.
Fans of classic Grind will rejoice by "Pathological Art", but many will have to be careful not to let their loudspeakers melt because of the massive bass sounds of "Let's Dance the Samba", furnished with wicked vocals as well as in "Yokohama Techno Massacre".
The longest and most articulated track of the CD, "Love Is the Field", (4'30") is a sort of hybrid between danceable Darkwave and Carcass. Some underground clubs in Berlin might use it and turn it to a local hit. The record is concluded by "United States of World", an outro ranging from Metal to tender X-mas choruses.

Not everything has gone the right way in the CD though; for example it's impossible to stand and digest the gay vocals in the otherwise not bad Noise/Metal/Industrial pout-pourri "Silver Attack"; another composition to discard into the dustbin is "Nasty Feeling", and some other songs don't work smoothly, notwithstanding it remains a debut CD and so we oughtn't to complain too much.
Those with an open mind will like this product enough, the others are advised to take a havey dose of LSA seeds to make it taste better.

After Tourette Syndrome we have discovered another crazy German act of GabberGrind.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th August 2006

Line-up on this record:
Böjöbö, b./g.
Electro Mo, d./v.
Ricotz, v.

Rico Unglaube, Kienitzer Str. 91, 12049 Berlin - D
Official site:

-ökemöke södö (3 way tape with Anus Phallus and Aspirin on Effiphobia Recordz)
-Grinding Dancers from Outa Space (CD - 2 June, 2006)