'Life Erazer'


MARK: 91/100


Exceptional come back after 3 years on the path of the most lashing Swedish extreme metal from a band that deserves to be respected not only on the ground that it includes some ex-Dissection members, but also and most of all by merit of a twisted, punishing and hammering songwriting, except in "Transcending the Fall". You can easily enjoy the destructive technique along with a series of insuperable time changes like in the variegated "Static Darkness" or "Pain Within", dealing with Viking Death metal, while songs like the title track offer nothing else but pure granitic Death/Black metal as God commands! Decidedly above the average of the releases of this kind, "Life Erazer" also has the good luck of having been recorded by that absolute master answering the name of Andy LaRocque. "Written in Blood" was a good start, this disk, also including a superb bonus track on digi, represents the manifest of ravage of all 2003.