Messengers of desecration


Italian Blackened Death metal scene isn't that large; thus, when I discovered a band elevating itself from the average I decided to fix an intie; lead guitarist Nacht agreed to having my questions replied



-Greetings, how long did the recording take you? Did you wish you had had more time to record?
Nacht (guitarist): Hi folks! Well, the process of recording and mixing “Rest in Hell” took about three weeks. I guess it was enough for the four of us.

-What amps and effects were used? How many mics did you employ for the drums? And why did you decide to have the drums triggered?
Nacht: We used Peaveys for the guitars and the studio soundboard for the bass. I just added wah on a few solo breaks. There were eight microphones in place for the drumset, which was triggered to sharpen the sound of the double kick. We didn’t want any of the cold, fake sounds you hear on many records today, ours was a considerably “light” triggering, so that Ades’ drumming could be as natural as possible for this genre.

-It’s a pity to learn that just after the recording you have replaced your guitarist Mornak, which filled the album with skillful creative rifferama. Do you want to introduce us with the newcomer and tell us what different approach and contribution he’s giving?
Nacht: Losing Mornak was painful for the band but personal reasons forced paths to divide. But, talking about the guitars, riffs were mainly composed by Aren, with myself working on harmonies, solos and various arrangements. We had known Beleth for a while, so it was natural for us to ask him join the band. He added a heavier approach on the rhythm guitar and new ideas for the new tunes we’re working on.

-Soulphureus is a recently-established band but your experience in other bands is long. What makes you feel at ease in your band that you couldn’t find anymore in your previous ones? Also, any other bands that you or any other member still take part in?
Nacht: I’d rather say that the band was born with an extreme intention. It’s beyond black metal, it’s just more complex…but the musical intention is even more extreme. The story of Soulphureus is about evolving from the pure black metal assault of Unholy Land, the band we were (from 1998) before deciding to change our name. The reason for this was the consciousness that the music was turning into something different, and so were we…but this change was enforced by Ades’ experience with Aleph, the band we founded in 98 (great year!), which is more progressive; by the personal evolution of Aren’s beliefs and songwriting. The stuff we play now has this shape because of the previous experiences of ours, not because we lacked something there.

-What are the things in your life that force you to create? Books, movies, other arts, life experiences, nature?
Nacht: All of the above. I tend too see them as tributaries flowing in one big river, each time in a different way. Art is key to life. Which is art’s lifeblood. We create because of pain. There’s a line in a book I read: “No art is possible without a dance with death”. That’s it. Some create to fill empty spaces, others try to modify what makes them suffer. I discover this every day, every time I create. And this pain gives me relief, when turned into music.

-As to composing, do you pay attention to the main feeling, the skill, or to creating some structures, lines or riffs that can impress the listener and never be forgotten?
Nacht: I try to respect the idea, the inspiration behind a song, no matter how long it’s gonna last in the listener’s ear. Of course translating an image, a feeling into music makes synthesizing necessary, but I t write for no one else’s sake but mine…feeling prevails, but it needs structures and ability.

-I have seen that you’re one of the few Death metal bands taking care of the visual impact. Is it something you feel necessary to express your inner self during a gig or is it more to deliver the audience a more complete show?
Nacht: Yeah, both aspects: it’s a heritage of the black metal days, adjusted to what we are now. I don’t see any opposition between them.

-Some say that it’s too easy to attack Christians because they won’t retaliate as the touchy Muslims, and there’s some truth in that, considering that 99% Black or Death metal bands blaspheme Christian goals and only 1% is Anti-Islam. How do you see this aspect?
Nacht: We think that every religion is shit. The hate we feel towards Christianity leads us to deliver our message in the way that we do and that’s all. We live in the most Catholic country in the world and this could be enough to explain our attitude. About the Islam issue: how would you consider a Muslim screaming against Christ? That’s pure nonsense to me! We just don’t belong to their culture, they just believe in another great lie. That’s what they should consider writing about.

-Any official video in the works?
Nacht: Yes, you’ll hear from us soon.

-What are your next live dates? Do you think your band can fit a festival or only small concerts?
Nacht: We are planning dates in Italy and Europe but no news will be released until they’re official. We experienced small and bigger venues with our previous bands. Soulphureus’ music is fit for all kinds of venues.

-When are you going to release your next album? On what label? How is it gonna differ?
Nacht: New songs are taking shape but it’s too early for us to say…in a few months we’ll be able to see where the music’s going!

-Is there anything else important I didn’t ask you that you wanna communicate. Thanks for the great answers and good luck on your future activity.
Nacht: Thank you. See you on the road, metalheads! Support the scene!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - January 2nd , 2013

Line-up on this record:
Aren - b., v. (ex-Unholy Land)
Manuel Ades Togni - d. (also in Aleph, ex-E Trite Moira, ex-Unholy Land)
Dave Nacht Battaglia - lead and rhythm g. (also in Aleph, ex-E Trite Moira)
Mornak - rhythm g.
+ a number of guest musicians

Bergamo - I
Official sites:

-R.I.H. (CD - 2012)