Solar Ipse zine # 3


MARK: 85/100



I have profound respect and admiration for Loris Zecchin, a man as rare as a white fly at these latitudes, even if I have learned about this colleague's work in recent times. His musical knowledge is vast and covers so many non-mainstream genres distant from one another and his general culture is amazing, testimony of a great deal of readings in his life, books in particular. You can understand he is a cut above not only because he finds stunning metaphors for his many reviews (almost all written by him), but also due to his ability in keeping the write-ups and the interviews interesting and unique; his questions are smart and therefore so are the answers, so don't undervalue this zine simply because it's in black and white and isn't officially distributed at newsagents'. The advertising is kept at the lowest possible level and is only based on fellow labels' releases.
This third issue contains tons of CD, CD-Rs and gig reviews, vegeterian musicians' quotations, a list of 100 records that changed the 2000-2010 decade in the author's opinion, and of course interviews with the following bands or artists: Alexander Tucker, Andrea 'Ics' Ferraris, Aufgehoben, Be Maledetto Now, De Salvo, Doomraiser, Kingbong, Maya Mountains, Larva 108, Psychofagist, Oak's Mary, Slumberwood, Tars Bul'ba, The Humanquena Orchestra, The M.E.M.O.R.Y. Lab, and Vonneumann. There's also an interview with musician/music producer and owner of the indie recording company Frat To 9 Under The Sky records, which is probably the icy on the cake, because I keep finding new angles and sharp observations every time I read it again.
I blame myself for not contacting the editor/creator to obtain a copy of his d.i.y. magazine, now you'd better not make the same mistake and miss this rare release before it's gone once and for all. These 60 pages are worth 1,000 copies of the latest Rumore, Terrorizer or Metal Hammer, because the bands' replies are honest and illuminating, and - most importantly - not stereotyped whatsoever. As to the reviews, they are synthetic, honest, clear, and catchy, so in case you've never listened to anything from the band analyzed, you know you can count on Loris's critics; at last a journalist you can trust so as to efficiently filter your buyings with slight risks of purchasing a product you expected that different!
Solar Ipse dedicates itself wholly to underground music with an unconventional and sophisticated edge. Although it exists an electronic version as well, I'm much more proud of my mag and zine collection after grabbing this copy. All thumbs and horns up!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - November 20, 2011

Loris Zecchin
c/o Fabbro I., via Crispi 14, 34125 Trieste - I