Slowly We Rot magazine # 9


MARK: 85/100



Interesting b/w fanzine from Romania's finest area (Transylvania) with several interviews, reviews, a useful list of new zines and a compilation CD enclosed. All the interviews contain intelligent questions and replies, so the reading pleasure remains high and smooth, but I have to admit one of them really struck my attention: Opprobrium's, since from the two original members left's replies you can perceive their disappointment in not making enough money in today's scene, besides the fact that they won't go on tour if they aren't offered 'enough' money. Everybody knows that with Heavy Metal and any of its subgenres you can't make much money unless you're actually big and usually it happens to those who made it in the 80s, secondly this kind of mentality won't bring you far or make you wealthy unless you accept heavy compromises. So the bitter truth is that they can't but look for a main official job and then dedicate their free time to their band, and believe me I'm not saying this because I have the privilege of being filthy rich, but only because it sickens me to have bands that are so money-centred in the underground extreme Metal scene (within a shitty world that already has most of his human population put profit before anything else).
Together with an international team of 4 collaborators, Adrian, the zine owner, has been able to put out 58 pages, most of them covered by reviews and interviews; the latter are with: Mortiis (probably the catchiest, most open and most genuine interview I've read in years), Opprobrium (ex-Incubus), Brutality, Excruciation, Obscenity, Corpsefucking Art, Bloodway, Zloslut, Amenophis, Verdict Denied (with a smart and honest interviewee), Ashtar, De Vermis Formicarius, Grace Disgraced, Neverworld, The Drowning, Bulletsize, Hautajaisyo, Hellwaffe, Reverend Kill, Solitary, Wormreich, Isolert, Kult Ov Azazel, Atroce.
I appreciated the list of zines with a short description of their contents, giving each of them the same space, no matter how old or big some of them are.
If you have the hobby of reading Metal zines and want to support one dealing with many underground Black or Death Metal acts, if you want to grab a copy of a compilation CD with an amazing logo and artwork then "Slowly We Rot" should be one of your first choices.
Considering how much time and money was thrown into an endless pit, you have strong evidence how passionate and committed Mr. Dan Adrian is, and he's already preparing his tenth issue, while the previous ones are still available! Congratulations...


Contacts: Dan Adrian
Cluj - (Transylvania) Romania