God Hates Us All - Collector's Edition

(American Rec.)


MARK: 95/100



The perfection is skimmed this time. After the magnificent and far "Seasons in the Abyss" and a period of slight inspiration decrease, Slayer have come back with the best album of 2002, one of the best of the last 3 years, after the quite good but not stellar "Diabolus in Musica".
What more can I say about this band, if not that I've taken'em as an example how I'd like to be at their age phisically and mentally, a practical example of consistency, which means developing one's style by experiments and never following any trends at the same time (peculiarity that few other bands can boast, the first popping out are Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Morbid Angel).

Yes, Slayer is a fundemental band, one of the first 10 in my personal list of over 1,000, I wouldn't say they've invented Death metal, thou their importance in the urge of creation of that genre is unvaluable; add that "Reign in Blood" is prob'ly the most-still-selling extreme metal album so far, and you'll get why this review could've finished with the first a.m. sentence.

For the few who don't know anything about'em, lemme just say this: the sort of metal they've been playing for more than 20 years is a successful blend based on cutting guitar-solos, heavy guitar-riffs, technical aggressive drums (they've always great drummers, from Dave Lombardo to Paul Bostaph here), killer vocals, though never growls, so why try to define'em, when all the more reason their first CD, "Show No Mercy" displayed a sort of aggressive HM that rather felt the effects of the unique mix of NWOBHM, the upcoming thrash and some Venom attitude and image?
And never forget the role of the 5th man darkened by them, studio-wizard Rick Rubin.

In this CD/CD-Rom version I've found about one year later there's a different cover, with black background on which a bloodstained nailed bible appears, 2 unreleased bonus tracks, "Scarstruck" and "Addict", a DVD intro, "Darkness of Christ", the clips of "Bloodline" and "Raining Blood" live + a crazy (as usual) interview, so the inference can be one only:
BUY OR FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!