Slancio anale/XnemisisX
'Split CD-r'

(Self released)

MARK: 60/100 (average)



What's contained in the 26 minutes of this split is a view of the most extreme sounds music has begotten till 2004, expressed in a harsh yet amusing manner by Slancio anale (which means 'anal impulse' in English), whereas XnemisisX seem not to have so much desire for jokes.

After the intro taken from 'Casa Vianello', a popular Italian TV series, "Raimon Vianel" starts, followed by "*** Is A Fucking Cunt", both in the sign of the most rotten grind noise.
After the mocking cover "Abbronzatissimi", we have the catchy "Grind Song" and an intro recorded from the live voice of the unbearable knife-grinder and umbrella maker while driving around with a megaphone looking for housewives and other customers; then "L'arrotino" arrives; it's as lunatic a song as the danceable "The Noise Brothers" and "123 la peppina fa il caffè". "Enjambement" is quite short and "Tough Boy (theme from Hokuto no ken)" too.
An excerpt from a movie from the same actor is "Steven Segal", while "Raimondo Vianello (la vendetta)" is preceded by the introduction on to the stage of the popular Italian comic actor and presenter.
"Pornocore Song" enjoys the most saturated of the 22 tracks shown by the 3-piece led by Rutto, followed by track n. 16, an excerpt from a flick I haven't seen, probably because it was an awful one; on the other hand "Black Metal Song" is
another grind song, this time with almost neat sounds; this doesn't last long as S.A. jump back to their average ultradistorted sound with "Even More Another Some AC Hits songs" (I beg your pardon?).
The surprises ain't over thanks to the minute of "Pop-punk Song", a marriage between pop punk on one side and grind noise on the other.
Anal Cunt covered "Stayin' Alive", Slancio Anale now cover Anal Cunt with an effective and genial edge; "Nigger Song" and "Surf Song" prove that the Pianoro trio has kept the best performances for the final part of their side: the former is groovy and brilliant, the latter is adrenalinic punk, then turning to a mid-paced grind till the end.
(Mark: 50/100)

After an intro "Dwarves" appears, the first real track by XnemisisX, built through hyperfast drum programming and guitars which are as violent and distorted as hell; this noise can be compared to the Armageddon soundtrack for sure. "Sewn Shut" is grind rock with raw vocals, while "Brake" is my favourite one, thanks to the barks Flesh Parade trademarked, the lobotomized riff and the crackling drum machine. "Drill" is up to its name owing to the piercing vocals that'll make your fucking brain bleed, "I Won't Leave" joins vocals a là Killjoy's Necrophagia, grind ones and a mincecore music tissue.
Simply fantastic is the serial killer intro sample to "Pus Swamp", a claustrophobic song like NIN's, who don't have the haunted vocals the mysterious act has.
The distortion followed by the guitar stabs and unmerciful keyboards lines of "Scurv" precede "Unfinistinguished", a mere hardcore song sped up with a PC or more likely with just a tape recorder.
A song that Zenigeva - or at least their fans - would dig is "Soft-core Sux", followed by the wicked "Grandfire" and the conclusive "Don't Care", sound-wise deeply connected to the undervalued Sore Throat, pungent forefathers of Anal Cunt and Meat Shits, directly from the working class.
(Mark: 70/100)

I honestly can't say which of the 2 is more insane, but if you're only looking for something not committed, but deafening and politically incorrect at the same time, you might as well need this real do-it-yourself co-production.



Slancio Anale


Anal Agency
c/o Barnaba Caporaletti
Via della Ferrovia 10, 40065 Pianoro (BO) - Italy