MARK: 84/100


Hailing from the south of Sweden, this 5-piece has just rounded out a convincing and involving concoction of symphonic metal, in which - of course - Andreas Edlund's keyboards own a prominent slice in the sound. Someone might rushly define them as a sort of more powerful and straightforward Dream Theater, and even if the comparison can be correct for songs like the prog metal "Shapes of Insanity", there are also tighter songs like for instance the opener "Nightmare Nevermore" reminding me of In Flames's or Soilwork's middle-career releases. A fresh record however, that will make both fans of power and extreme metal generally speaking happy. And it couldn't be different with such imperious keyboard interventions ("Haunted by Shadows"), rugged vocals ("Colliding in Mind"), baroque cutting guitar licks alà Malmsteen as in the simply wonderful "Uncloud the Sky", and the lively drum parts by the new-comer Joakim Jonsson. And Tommy Tätgren's recording is not second to his brother's at all. With "Mind_Revolution" Skyfire have just been able to outgross the already remarkable "Timeless Departure". And forgive me if it's not much for you!