(Arise records)


MARK: 90/100



Ignored by the herd, this band has nothing to envy the most adored ones; after the second excellent album "Mind Revolution", licensed by Hammerheart, here's their 3rd effort, surmounting all their previous productions regarding every aspect, and being a CD you'll never get sick of listening to.

Melodic-death and power-prog mixed with few occasional electronic breaks as in "Cursed by Belief", make their sound interesting and various yet never frayed. Imagine a powerful mix of early In Flames, Edge of Sanity and old Dream Theater, energized by screams between death and black metal, a cascade of powerful riffs alternated with elegant neoclassical ones.

I think Children of Bodom had really better start working their ass out before these competitors dethrone them, as Skyfire really have nothing out of order or missing. First they were promises, now they've confirmed their class and skill in songwriting, performing and besides the recording is clear and massive as needed and special care has been given the overdubbed vocals too as in "Shadow Creator". That's why "Spectral" can be defined as an over-average record undoubtely, fresh and recommended to even the most demanding extreme and power metal fans.