Shadows Land

'Ante Christum (Natum)'

(Osmose Productions)

MARK: 83/100


I admit I'd never heard them before, since their old works are available only on tape, however, what a big surprise!

Labelled as brutal death, the Poles are actually much more complex, as clearly shown in "Hybrid", a good example of violent, but also twisted and skillful Death metal, balancing between the latest Death, Cynic and so on. Besides the crushing riffs you can find some weird ones in the background, matched with as weird vocals as them (but the craziest are in "Z Page la - Idon Odmicalzo", sung in an unknown language to me, and "Flash"); sound like a mix of Macabre, Mr.Bungle and Cephalic Carnage!

Apart from 2 intermezzoes lost in the meanders of dance, trip-hop and lounge ("Decimal" and "b.o.r.y.s."), this bizarre 4-piece still hasn't shot all his bullets, cause the song "Vortex" is another jewel to be cited: heavy, based on a mid-tempo, and rife with aggressive vocals (seems an excerpt from a B-side single from Fear Factory).

Original, with an interesting drum work, they must refine their songwriting a little, especially as for guitars, taking as a positive example the trail left by "Smell of Pain", but already now they can boast the rare quality of not boring you for a single second. Nice debut for an elité band that won't miss reaping fans in the sea of those who love the most skillful and entwined aggressive metal.