Severe Torture
Misanthropic Carnage

(Hammerheart Rec.)


MARK: 85/100



Pure mayhemic US death metal assault with incredible hyperblasting drum parts and guttural vocals and some slapping bass lines: this is what forms this bunch of 9 unrelentless songs in the vein of "Feasting on Blood", their top in brutality, whereas this product is better developed and more various, but sometimes more 'controlled', like for example in "Meant to Suffer", in some parts slower than the other 8 tracks and in some way similar to the Morbid Angel of "Domination".

"Carnivorous Force" and the wonderfully brutal, twisted "Impelled to Kill" are the plainest representation of how to play death metal with the precision of an old Swiss clock and the wickedness of Russian cult serial killer Chikatilo; the title-track is very appreciable because of its majestic avalancheness and along with "Forever to Burn" and the closing "Your Blood is Mine" (very Cannibal Corpse-like) makes you understand why the 4 guys from Severe Torture have been chosen by the 5 Cannabis Corpses to tour Europe with their company.

Add a remarkable recording at Franky's Recording Kitchen (God Dethroned, Callenish Circle, etc.) making every instrument, bass included clearly audible, and an as good production by Robbie Woning and Berthus Westerhuys. You'll quickly realize that this CD won't rot on the shelves of your discography at all, and indeed is gonna become a top record in this genre for the year 2002!