Sevared Pages
Issue # 4



MARK: 80/100


The faithful purveyor of vicious releases Barrett sent me a copy of his latest issue, a true b/w underground zine assembled by a man who's quickly built himself a name in this niche market, full of contacts and prepared, and most of all, really into the core of nowadays's emerging most brutal bands scene around the globe; the interviews often include similar questions, but the answers are luckily quite different from band to band, while the reviews are quite short and detailed, clear and full of precise comparisons with other bands or previous albums of the same bands, the way everybody should always do.

48 pages featuring inties with Avulsed, Inveracity, Putrefied, Resurrected, Brodequin, Divine Rapture, Pyaemia, Cremation, Sanatorium, Severed Savior, Goretrade, Internal Suffering, Traumatism, Prophecy, Deranged, Murder Corporation, over 100 CD or demo reviews including useful addresses, and not too much ads. A lifetime in brutality is the guarantee that Sevared Records/Pages have to offer you...


Barrett Amiss II
19 East Main St.
LeRoy, NY 14482 - USA