(Osmose Prod.)


MARK: 90/100



Seth's 3rd album (the 2nd on Osmose) appears to me the highest step ever reached by the French ensemble; professional, diversified, by a massive sound, it evolves from bewildering and modern atmospheric parts to the most brutal and astounding aspects, through a very fast, precise and heavy drumming, furious assualts, mixed with very interesting breaks. Far from being monotonous, the music is dynamic, deep, and I can say without fear of being contradicted that much more care has been taken to the killer guitar riffs during the songwriting; furthermore, in a lesser way than the latest Enslaved, a few electronic elements are there to add an experimental and progressive side to the whole opus, esp. in the disturbing "Satanik Generation". The lyrics are still sung in both English and French (listen to the glacial wonderful composition titled "Walk on Fire with me"), and the variety of vocals, wisely distributed along a range of extreme shades, sometimes vaguely black, sometimes devilish like in "Addicted to Psychotropic Angeldust", others close to the latest Carcass, perfectly fits the music. Once again Excess Studio's production have shown themselves as a right choice, while the masterising was effected by Peter Neuber at Mega Wimp Studio. "Divine-X" can be defined only as an extreme metal record, maybe unique, but certainly very close to be a masterpiece.