'Meditation among demons'

(Self released)

MARK: 91/100


This promo contains only 2 songs lasting more than 6 minutes, so there's enough material to give the relatively old, yet most valid and experienced Dutch 5-piece a global assessment. The title track is based on a thrash reinforced by foaming guitars, a powerful effected voice sometimes close to the young Tim 'The Ripper' Owens. By listening to the song twice you can realize Septuagint're trying to do something personal and I believe they've achieved the aim well enough, as shown by the 2 axes in the crescendo of the composition. I also like the guitar solo, which is strongly Megadeth-like and brave.

"Fury...and a Darkening Mind" starts with a pretty melodic intro, which might sound like an abused idea to a few people, although I want to reassure you and swear you it's so fucking 80's and this effective that I approve of their choice! Soon afterwards it becomes excellent power-thrash with cool mid-tempos that Winter's Bane and Metal Church might write with their 20 hands and minds working together during a hypothetical collaboration. The final shows some particularly odd vocals and a less showy axe solo, accompanied by high vocals once again.

The songwriting level is already professionistic and the recording far more than satisfactory, therefore all Septuagint need is a bit more of fluidity and freshness in their songs and then they'll skim perfection, however I recommend you to catch a copy of this promo if you're into thrash or not gay power metal.


E-mail: info@septuagint.nl