Seirim - Kill. War. Chaos

(Cudgel Agency)


MARK: 70/100



Germany has always liked and breeded lotsa aggressive bands, no matter if you refer to black, death, thrash, HC or stuff, and this act makes no exception. The quartet, who's also scheduled to take part in the more and more popular, but unluckily still only Germany-located, Fuck the Commerce-Fest, has a long history and is out with its 2nd full-length, formed by a blend of death and black metal: as a matter of fact one finds some Dying Fetus-style vocals in songs like "Power of Elements" and "Rulers of the World", and the drumming reminds of them again esp. in "Beyond the Death", a song displaying some very cool riffs, whereas very grind sounds "Your Blood". The lyrics also give a good impression; they reflect their lives and stand against every form of religion and fit the music very well, for instance the "Killing Elements" ones, in which several kinds of torturing methods are listed, as well occasional problems you might meet in fulfilling some procedure. After listening to the techno intermezzo "Incosibea" comes the perfect example of a composition balanced between black and death elements, even though quickly it's clear the best songs ever written by Seirim are "Morbid Animalism" and "Rulers of the World". Yes, they do show a remarkable progression into brutality and speed, and Rape of Harmony Studio's production is good enough for their extreme metal. The only fault I merely can't digest, although we have groovy drumming and guitars, is some high vocals that have got to be bettered, the pronunciation and the grammar, too. Believe me, I'm not a fault-finder, thing is that we're in 2002 and notwithstanding, even in an extreme record like this these mistakes are so damn plain! Seirim can become a professional band, yet to reach the highest stage they have to work and solve this issue, the choice belongs to them and they don't have time to waste.




-"Demon" (demo-93, under the name Decomposition)
-Split tape with Basilisk (demo-94)
-"...of the Dark One" (demo-95)
-Split 7" with Purgatory (EP-96/Perverted Taste Rec.)
-"Empire of the Dead" (CD-99)
-"Kill. War. Chaos." (CD-18/03/02-Cudgel Agency)

Contact: Jörg Weinhold - Mittelstr. 13 - 04741 Rosswein -D
Tel: 034322/44923 or 0173/9050826