'Amar o Vivir'



MARK: 87/100

Out of the blue I found this unknown Spanish five-piece's combo's debut in the pile of CDs to review and out of the blue I had good expectations; I can't explain if it depended on the cover or the band's photo but I felt I had something solid in my hands and the music spoke as a confirmation!
The angel and the skull melted match well so as to represent mankind's two facades and also the melodic and the aggressive elements contained in Seek Inside's compositions; as for the lyrics, all in Spanish, they stand on time, thoughts, rebellion, faith, solitude, an uncertain future, love or life and ways of living, while soundwise the production doesn't recur to explosive drumming for the most part, it's balanced enough, and rich in deep dirty bass sounds.

The initial blow, "Aliento", is Thrash metal with melodic insertions, atmospherical parts based on effected vocals, crushing guitars, mid-tempo, percussive beats in the background and a fading finalé with ferocious vocals.
Truly involvingly riffs open "Confidente", also boasting a Megadethian axe solo, a mix of angry and melodic vocals (all clean), sublime bass lines, powerful and eardrum-hammering drumming. Like in all the other songs, the keys appear for a short while but they do a really remarkable job.
"Mi Momento" moves itself between mid-tempos and relatively fast rhythms; it's a rocky track gifted with delirious, essential and lisergic keyboards, where the vocalist gives the very best of his chords. A helluva masterpiece!
"Dulce Ansiedad" sometimes has the intensity of a Death/Thrash song, tons of annhilating riffs, angry vocals followed by others in a completely different structure - vaguely Progressive! - for a rhythm change that is extremely courageous. These guys are at the debut but they're veterans and you can perceive it!
A dazing riff, drums as heavy as a cage full of rhino's balls compose "Tiempo", showing the Spaniards don't withdraw of an inch even when the keys and the marvellous female vocals steal the stage. Piano, rain, padded beats, the end of the song is almost like the first ballad of the record.
For those who love Trivium, In Flames and Soilwork "Para Dos" is the song to start from if they've never heard anything from Seek Inside; the riffs, the strophes and the thumping drums, along with two top-notch guitar solos are what's going to satisfy them.
While "Solo" is a modern song full of swings with a great refrain and a face-ripping end, "Tal Vez" deals with Heavy Metal and Thrash utlizing guitar licks, subtle keys interventions continuing the modern feeling a little bit.
In "Hoy Desperté" the bass keeps crying for its room in the album's economy, but later penetrating keyboards take over and the rhythm speeds up; in a certain moment there's a small drum mistake unfortunately, but this early Kataklysm/In Flames-influenced song is rich in contrasts to make us quickly forget that tiny fault.
What about "Maneras de Ser"? Good vocals, noteworthy time modifications, and headbanging riffs galore! Is that enough? For me it definitely is!
"Futuro Incierto" begins in a bloody Megadeth-like manner, and then assumes a Spanish twist in the vocals and patterns; I love the dramatic vocals, the techno-Thrash riff and the closing gallop reconnecting to Megadeth. One of the highlights of "Amar o Vivir".
The title track is more Rock and less Metal than the others; the bass occupies a more important role, the keyboards accompany for a longer time and only when the brief Metal structure comes out the link with the previous songs is clear.

Dripping malice and unbridled intensity "Amar o Vivir" is an undeniable caustic rub on the senses, its acidic tunes, threatening riffs, and badgering manipulative rhythms as they toy and tease, and overall it is one fine experience where the Spanish vocals are a plus instead of a hindrance. Seek Inside are here to kick your ass and give you a real rush!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - September 20th, 2013

Line-up on this record:
Burgui - v.
Sergio - g.
José - g.
Tote - b.
Nikly - d.

Cadiz - E

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