(self-recorded MCD)

MARK: 79/100


Not to be confused with the almost homonymous Italian Heavy Metal band, Modena's 5-piece's debut visiting card is a mini-CD lasting over 25 minutes, and till today yet the only trace left by the Emilians as of yet.

The intro "Woken up from An Eternal Sleep" starts a là My Dying Bride and then embraces a Black riff for the rest of it, while "Inner Mask pt. I" winds up through the latest Death and a Suffocation-like refrain. There's also place for different riffs and various vocal styles, including screaming on the trail of Cryptopsy's early Lord Worm, Swedish Death and the Thrash Death of transalpine school (Massacra for instance).
A couple of reflective moments are not missing in the following "Inner Mask pt. II", an instrumental track ranging from Doom, to the Death of the middle-period/latest Death, to decaying arpeggioes and James Murphy-flavoured solos and much much more.
"Primordial Rising" rides Black as well as Death, but in this case it embodies not only the main influencial band to Screaming Shadow, that is the late Chuck Schuldiner's band , but also the brutal Death of Internal Bleeding and the ultra-brutal Death of Dying Fetus and Sanatorium. The composition stands out thanks to the singer's abilities and the bass lines in the end, whereas I am not fully satisfied by the long closure, "Siren - A Demon Eager for A Soul", touching Doom and Black, massively recurring to arpeggioes and female guest vocals. It sounds good on paper, in practice something went wrong during the arranging of the distorted part, and this time the guitar solo is idle and completely uninspired.

Notwithstanding this, the imperfect insertion of some words in a few fast passages, and the low-budget recording, "Inner" is an EP that can be listened with pleasure, luckily devoid of antics, kitsch solutions and where tangible possibilities of improvement can be found out.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th September 2006

Line-up on this record:
Gofro, all v.
Henry, b.
Nico, d.
Lasto, g.
Marco, g.

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- Inner (MCD - 2005)

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