Screaming Eyes

'Screaming Eyes'

(Self released)

MARK: 69/100


From the artistically fervent Mondovì area, where Stigma come from too, here's the 4-track debut demo-CD of Screaming Eyes. The friendship with their small town mates is proved by the artwork performed by singer Stigma's Vlad and there are more than a few similarities with their sound.
However, the new 5-piece began with Punk Rock but afterwards they realized that US Thrash, Hardcore and Swedish Death were mirrored their personalities more.

The opener "Hold Fast" mixes Thrash alà Lamb of God and Iron Maiden using lots of screaming Hardcore vocals but also Death ones. The central melodic break includes angry vocals too low recorded, yet the final acceleration is somewhat good and the screams really piercing and persistent. Not bad at all!
Excellent the rapid following track, "To My Darkness", inspired by popular Ugo Foscolo's poetry "Alla sera", written at the end of the 18th century; the metalcore refrain, the abrupt time changes and the furious riffing along with some Pantera-like vocals make it a must.
Things radically change with "Angel Fall: Fallen Angel's Tear"; the mixing is different as well, but what matters more is that this is the more Punk/Hardcore song of the four (listen to the No Fun at All debtor riff). Suggestive the semi-acoustic break anticipating the gradual growth of the composition, concluded by a extremely rough bittersweet change and a crushing part soon enriched by a vivid but a bit imperfect solo by guest guitar solist B.B. Nick Savio (ex-White Skull).
Finally, "Angel Fall: Death Angel Silence", the more metal song with another of those acoustic intermezzos the Piemontese like so much; in my view, this is the pattern of the song they should take as an example together with the second track, since they seem to be the situations they can handle better and the ones that allow them to express with more easiness.

It is rumoured that new tracks are more Rock 'n' Roll, confirming that the band's stylistic cohesion and musical direction aren't defintive yet; when there's clearness, we'll also be right to expect more incisive, memorable and smoother songs. So far, you might as well get hold of 20 minutes of pleasant music presented with a professional artwork for only 5 Euros.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th December 2005

Current line-up:
Andrea Grasso - b.
Bruno Ficetto - v.
Andrea Bailo - lead g.
Mattia Galliano - rhythm g.
Simone Rossi - d.

Sale delle Langhe (CN) - Italy
Tel: (++39) 393288951066

Official site:

-Screaming Eyes (self-released MCD - 2005)