'Art of Aggression'

(New Aeon Media)

MARK: 83/100



From that forge of excellent bands of every kind of metal that is Sweden, here's the new creature of 4 highly experienced musicians, mixing Scandinavian modern thrash (Crown, Haunted, Terror 2000, Hatespehere, Ebony Tears, etc.), the toughest power/extreme metal riffs a là Children of Bodom or Skyfire, and a small dose of Testament vocals and elements, to which a strong impact is added by the recording, involving, massive, clear, while the mixing turns out to be equally balanced for all instruments. Needless to say the guitars crush as ever, while the drumming is as precise as a Swiss clock and bulky as Fear Factory's Raymond Herrera's I'd say, even if the structures are of course different in Scenteria's songs.

These newcomers released 3 demos and then they were signed by the Dutch label and no better decision could've been taken by the far-sighted mentor Pat. I must admit there's almost not a spice of originality here, except short classic metal passages in "Addicted" and "Blackend" for example, but it's also true the riffing and the drumming are so remarkable here that what I have before is a record I'll hardly become sick of playing after some time. There's nothing to do: the plethora of bands like these is huge, but they do it so well that the twisted melodies of songs like "Forever Lost" will stick at your brain as they did with mine, by making this "Art of Aggression" another small classic to be noticed in the next buying list.