(Self-released digipack CD)

MARK: 94/100


Although the logo might make one think of a Thrash, Death metal or something similar band, the three Canuck musicians have been dealing with Groove/Stoner metal since 2000; there's actually some occasional energetic (not threatening) Thrash element, yet not enough to stick them into that category.
As far as I'm concerned, this is their fourth studio album, self-produced in digipack, showing fairly good sounds and a satisfactory mixing work; as to the lyrics, they vary from life events, feelings, situations and other mundane topics, with the exception of "Right Hand of God".
The sonic hostilities really start after the mid-tempo propedeutic instrumental "Creepsmoke" with "Angry (2012)", based upon a truly involving main riff and refrain, whereas the axe solo and the final licks sound very R 'n' R. Formidable!
The incendiary riff and the crushing of the wicked bass lines are the fortitude characteristics of "Troubles"; and how do you like the fat kick drum and the echoed vocal effect on a Doom metal riff? For me that'd be already sufficient to put my thumb up, but there's another blazing guitar solo to delight my eardrums and neurones ;)
Assassinated by the opening riff of "Right Hand of God", you can clearly hear the combination of Thrash metal instrumental-wise with Hard rock vocals, back-up vocals and the nth solo soon afterwards.
"Scared Inside" begins melodic, then heavy drums and an electric guitar enter; simply orgasmic the effected vocals siding the other declamatory ones devoid of effects; also interesting is the central instrumental structure, still the act's strength resides mostly in the front vocals and in the backing vocals to embellish the final result. With a big budget this song would have even more powerful drums and perfect vocals and would've nothing to envy renowned bands from anyplace.
Headbanging and volume knob to 11 are a must-do during "D.U.I.", a song capable of revitalizing the limbs of the laziest and weakest to an air-play while listening. Two different vocal effects and another superb metallic solo grace this song inspired by Vince Neil's arrest on his Lamborghini on the long way to Hollywood.
A bit longer than the average for the Ottawans' standards, "Alter of Life" starts with vocals and guitars reminding the gods of Hard rock of the early 90s, notwithstanding it's a sorrowful song, so full of suffering most of the time. If you pay attention a few riffs and vocal patterns are deign of Metallica's post-Black album, even if the voice is way diverse than James Hetfield's. One more pearl set in the digital grooves of this marvellous record.
A lightly amplified guitar and grungy vocals are placed at the beginning of "Coffee & Cocaine", a composition that's going to be dear to the heart of Melodic Punk rock adorers as well as Emo fans, tho the second guitar's licks are more HR.
If Kurt Cobain were alive and was a Metal band's guest vocalist then you'd have a clue of what "Big, Black & Beatiful" is like; don't misunderstand me, the other vocals present here are not depressive at all, so don't expect a Grunge song, it's just a hint of Nirvana's singer here and there.
Scarecrowz have kept their ace in their sleeves for the end of "Uprising": "One for the Road" possesses a pace and a manner of taking the listener over which take the album's title literally!
Finally, "Burning Bridges" is the last upper, proud to kick like an untameable wild horse.
The three-piece is able to satisfy fans of Hard rock and Metal from 13 to 50. The years of experience can be heard and in every moment you perceive the fine art of arranging has been improved to elevated, almost perfect levels. The Canadian veterans are a mean and snarly combo jumping the fence dividing Hard rock and Metal whenever necessary, and they aren't afraid to keep things raw instead of sparkly. Knock you dead!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - December 30, 2012

Line-up on this record:
Eric Rouleau - lead g., v.
Ger Madden - lead v., rhythm g., bass g.
Marc Villeneuve - d., v.

Ottawa - Canada
E-mail: scarecrowzband@hotmail.com
Official site:


-Of Wind And Shadow - Full length album - December 2001
-Live At Barrymore's - E.P. - June 2003
-Release - E.P. - August 2003
-Stitch - E.P. - March 2005
-Where Evil Grows - E.P. - November 2007
-Live @ Zaphod's - Full Length album - April 2008
-The Best Of - Full length album - April 2010
-Uprising - Full length album - October 2012