Sadistik Exekution


(Osmose Prod.)


MARK: 65/100



The craziest Aussie crew is back! This is the 4th album for the legends of the extreme underground metal scene haunting our houses since 1986! I remember a friend of mine told me during one Italian show some time ago he saw vocalist Rok - also author of the original-styled cover artwork - kept a bucket containing some ice close to him, cos he got a wrist injured after a catfight with another member of S.E., which used to happen very frequently!
Now, I can't swear this is true or just a rumour, but, for fuck's sake, imagine what an angelic atmosphere you must have breathed inside the tour bus at those times!

Flying back to the music aspect, after a nightmarish intro we meet a mix of blasphemy, death and black humour (listen to the vocals in r'n'rolling "Organized Sadistik Abuse", featuring the drunkest of the Aussies speaking with their funny accent) which definitely works. Then add to this hyper speed drums alternated with doom vomited inserts, and the game is over!

And"Koffin White" collects all my appreciation, thanx to its displaying of a unique blend of slow, lugubrious and lustful elements; before the outro we get very near to the almost 11 minutes of pure industrial/noise echoes, with frighteming whispers and other assorted vocals: apocalyptical, that's the right term to define it.

S. E. sound like no-one else and ridiculize every extreme cliche, which shall always make'em remain within the status of cult band, although I'm sure they'll sleep at night at any case. I mean, everybody realizes they're not a technical band, and they tend to repeat their shit too much for my taste, which is the only fault I can find in this record. Of course they themselves don't want to be taken too seriously (like early Tankard or many others), they'll never release unforgettable records, but they make me feel good for half an hour; and music owns this function, too.If U should feel tired of listening to angry/political/social lyrics/bands, then put on something from these 4 insane all-limit-demolishers.It's only rock'n'roll, but I like it...