Sadistik Exekution

'Fukk II'

(Osmose Productions)


MARK: 60/100



The craziest Aussies are back with their 5th album after 2 years and nothing has changed as yet.

"Inner Spiritual" is a classic metal intro followed by "Homicidal Suicide", containing an obsessive refrain and nice riffs. "Bleeding Insanity" and "Arkhon the Grave Robber" are decidedly guitar-ruled, even if the bass is more defined on this CD; both of these songs include great slowings in the purest sign of doom, while "Mental Derailment" and "Battered to Buggery" are enriched by bestial screams and even barkings. The former is shot fast from beginning to end, the latter best represents the Australian 4-piece's style, made out of thrash, black and punk elements, abruptly interrupted by rapid bass scales.
"The Electric Chair" is just an intermezzo of noises and vocals of the executioner and the retributed man. "Fukking Death Mental" unfortunately repeats what was already done before, while "Shit" is a bit better cos it includes a twin guitar riff. "Outer Spiritual" closes in line with the intro and there's also a hidden track made with vocals from a sort of spitel small entity, like a Poltergeist.

One thing is being faithful to one's style through the years as a sign of coherence, another is being so repetitive record after record and even within the same record. That's the biggest limit Sadistik Exekution still have to surmount, but I'm afraid if they go on like this, they'll do it only with their 10th CD!