MARK: 79/100

It's surprising how sometimes judgments can vary substantially after awhile. In this case I was honestly disappointed and unmoved by the songs contained in this debut, maybe because of the old-school recording with a metalzone as only guitar effect, low-budget sounds and minimal editing. Big mistake! After entering the feelings that affected the songwriting of Mark Eng, the mainman behind this 3-piece, I was stunned by the ability of granting every song a proper identity and strong catchiness.
The Californian act incorporates the secrets of any successful Rock and Roll song, fusing Metal and Grunge (and even Funky rock in "Over the Weather"), and keeping all of the compositions guitar-driven, either acoustically or with different grades of distortion, or more often, placing one above the other at the same time.
These songs can work well in a radio station, as a background for other activities, or live, but that doesn't have to be seen as a nocuous fact, as the songs don't burn out after a few listens; indeed they remain desirable thanks to the great riffs, hooks and refrains, achieving the highlight in "Misunderstood" and "Crept away", a song basic under every aspect but with incredible potential.
10 songs suitable for Rock maniacs, Grunge misfits and everyone who loves good solos and simple genuinely inspired songs gifted with massive impact and pathos, the way it used to be common 15-20 years ago.
The train to big success is probably over for Runon Fragment even tho Ang is working on a soundtrack album for "Browse", Chris Revon's new movie; I really don't mean to be a cassandra but everyone's aware nowadays eveything in art (and I stress out Art, not plastic mercimony hidden under this word) is difficult, in crisis and full of compromises, yet this won't keep'em away from self-satisfaction. They are free to do what they love, it ain't the American dream, nevertheless it is indeed a dream come true. How many can say the same about their main jobs without lying to themselves?


Line-up on this record:
Darren Greenberg , g.
Mark Ang, v., b.
James Endsley, d.

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Runon Fragment (CD - 2008)