Rock Bottom zine
(issue # 23)


MARK: 70/100



The issue of September 2004 is a bit less rich this time content-wise, especially concerning the alternative inties or articles besides the still elevated amount of reviews (Cds, demos, dvds, movies, fanzines, webzines, newsletters, books), remained massive thanks to the several contributors.
However, this rigorously b/w magazine keeps being a great read for several years as Marcy and hubby Marwin (webmaster & co-editor) achieved the 23rd release, once again free (postage included) to all those who request the zine.

Here you will find interviews with underground acts such as Heavy Water (ex-Nero Circus and Hellbastard), Brad Wilson, Kurnalcool (the Italian answer to Tankard but closer to sounding like the NWOBHM), Canadian street punk legends Knucklehead, Potential Victims, Sat 11, Urinal Puck Ministries, Michele McKinney and The Conspiracy.
Besides the categorized above-mentioned reviews - each with the necessary web contacts, you can also enjoy an historical flashback focusing on the forefathers of Metal, that is to say Judas Priest and you can participate the new column, 'My two cents', launched by Odd Marwin Nielsen regarding current topics, of which the first is about the US forces committed to several missions worldwide. Finally I appreciated the detailed enough report named Classic picks about the behind-the-scene events which led to the recording and the composing of Deep Purple's masterpiece "Machine Head".

Even if I miss interesting witnesses like 'Escaping the Hammond House of Horrors' appeared on the March issue and articles about Indigos, I still must rise my thumb up for Rock Bottom zine.


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