Rock Bottom zine


MARK: 80/100



The fact that this b/w zine is run by a woman is not a virtue and not a fault to me, the point is that there're good contributors and articles making it various enough. I mean the CD/DVD/zine reviews aren't too many, the number of inties is in the average but there're interviews or columns dedicated to interesting topics from the classic tattoers to cool ones like the experience of a contributor close to a serial killer - which is of course much more teaching than any yet excellent book or flick - or nice big pictures of bands promoting their shows or news.

I'm one of those who believe it's right to have several contributors, provided that the red thread remains thru the whole zine and the level of reviews and inties keeps high and involving, and my opinion is that they've been able to stay quite close to this aim.

There's a lot positiveness in this zine, which is free and barely includes some ads; its journalists seem unbiased as for bands' origins; I mean, you can come from any country and you'll get the same place and treatment, like the great Italian answer to Tankard, that is Kurnalcool; the only exception is made for the deserved long flashback with a detailed discography about King Diamond and Mercyful Fate; all of these are good points for sure, so I can only wish Marcy and her staff best of luck and hope that the next issues contain more material.


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