(self released CD)


MARK: 94/100


This astonishing quintet hails from Holland, and like 90% of the things coming from that wonderful country, they confirm the tradition through a top-notch CD, displaying professional sounds and mixing for a self-production, original style in the coverart done by Romano, a major comix artist who worked for Chaos, Image Comics and the likes, and - most of all - a skillful and delightful songwriting melting melody and power in a divine way.

The ace up in their sleeve is definitely represented by catchy refrains along with robust rhytmic parts and a double 6-string sonic wall, also adding a cool solo in the closing track, "Rapin' Justice". Marco's vocals are impressive and may sometimes remind of the golden time Geoff Tate in "Human Season".

Roadkill play 80s metal with none of its cliches and they've shown they are the future of the world's classic heavy metal with just 3 songs for a little more than 10 minutes. Were I in your place, I'd note down their name and keep an eye on them.



Tel: +31653591658 - +31703361710