'Seeds of Revolt'


MARK: 88/100


There're some Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean inputs in almost all of the songs off the sophomore demo-CD from the Greek 5-piece, dealing with a sort of old styled Thrash sustained by clean aggressive vocals which are just one inch before the growling.
Likewise Napalm Death, Agathocles and similar acts, the lyrics raise interest thanks to their plain anticapitalism fight, their opposition to media control, mindless consumism and in general in the position taking in favour of civil rights, all expressed in a brilliant and effective manner never boring. Maybe that's why the logo and the quintet's look seem to be styled in like manner to that scene and not to the Thrash/HM one.
"We Are One" has two noteworthy guitar solos, a nice atmospheric part and lots of Thrash runs making the 90s green again.
In "Mass Media's Whore" the two slashing guitar riffers offer a blend of traditional and modern structures along with a groovy refrain, whilst "Happiness Machines" is based on a mid-tempo and includes great stopped riffing and dynamic drumming; this is decidedly the track that makes my head bang every time I play it, no matter if the volume is low. An unforgettable refrain is the icy on the cake and if I had the possibility of choosing a composition for a promo clip, I'd choose this without hesitation.
Concerning the rebellion against slavery at the times of the pharaohs, "Avdei Far'oh" alternates relaxed parts to a mid-tempo followed by a constellation of blasts in the vein of the early Kataklysm, whereas the final part includes some Metalcore breakdowns perfectly matching female vocals reminding Lacuna Coil's. A long song with no flaws that confirms the elevated quality of songwriting and arranging, although Revolted Masses were formed just in the spring of 2008.
"Reason of Unreason" continues with Metalcore patterns, devastating Thrash metal blasts and the combo's other typical elements, preceding the melancholic "Terra Infernal", where the few female vocals are quite original because they're so mesmerizing and the axe solo soulfully plays every note with a meaning, showing the axeman knows his job pretty well; this track does leave a hole in your heart that nobody will ever be able to repair. Amazing stuff, dudes!
Motorhead's classic "Ace of Spades" is covered here faster and more explosive: this song has been interpreted by several bands, but rarely have I heard it as dynamic, lively and fresh as if it were an unreleased track.
"Seeds of Revolt" makes all reviewers' day... I wish all demo-CDs were like this: my task would be easier and pleasant from beginning to end.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - January 20th, 2011

Line-up on this record:
George Triantafyllidis- v.
Vaggelis Theodorakis - g.
Kostas Karvounis-Zoumpos - g.
George Stathopoulos - b.
Foivos Andripoulos - d.

V. Theodorakis, K.Palama 62, Petroupolis, 13231 Athens - Greece

Official sites:


-Revolted Masses (demo-CD - 2009)
- Seeds of Revolt (Demo-CD - 2010)