(Osmose prod.)


MARK: 92/100


From Conqueror's ashes a new form of putrid and highly corrosive grind/death/black metal was born under the unreassuring monicker of Revenge. A MCD and an EP at their shoulders, the eventual inclusion to their line-up of the mythical Pete Helmkamp's experience, and there you have a new cult band!

Unthinkable levels of violence, velocity, as raw and rotten as fuck diverse kinds of vocals, of which I most of all like the 'possessed' ones. How to resist the attraction of the initial riff and the vitriol or sometimes ultraguttural vocal sounds of "Blood of My Blood", closed by a decimating guitar solo and convulsed parts; in a similar manner is "Heathen Hammer" too.

If you like Order from Chaos, Revenge will make you go crazy, especially "Altar of Triumph". Fairly seldom have I heard something farther from melody or the mere concept of song, with the exception of "Blood Division", and it is indeed a deep pleasure to listen to so many personal solutions in the same CD. Revenge: Total ascending mass destruction.