'Higher Geometry'

(Self-released and produced multimedia CD)

MARK: 89/100

Watch 'The letter' clip


One of the more interesting and underestimated bands from Russia (not to be confused with the homonymous from Germany), the trio gets to the first self produced CD after a demo released in 2001, though they've been around for a long while in different acts in the late '90s.

They deal with a fairly skillful, brutal Death metal that they like to define 'Psycho-Death metal'; it's a genre ripe with angular repentine interruptions, sometimes jazzy. What's stressed out from their compositions is the fact that their riffs testify a research of diverse solutions from the usual ones we're accustomed to listening to from a Death metal outfit, and this is prominently verifiable in "The Extract" and "The Last Dawn", wheareas first-rate 5-string bass lines are found in the opener and in the first slice of "With Inner Light of Supreme Truth", resembling the latest Carcass even if Rest In Pain sound heavier as they barely have melodic structures.
Standing ovation for "Invented Heaven": for the drumwork preceding the guitar solo, which introduces us to a Doom/Death part with highly corrosive vocals. The psychotic finalé slowly walks down the stairs of a twisted and morbid axe solo. What an awesome track!
Moreover, the clip of "The Letter" is added in the enhanced CD, with vintaged shots in the rehearsal room, on stage and from an interview on TV. The song starts melodic but is quickly led to the common railways of the 3-piece, summing up the main characteristics of their sound.

The Moscow musicians, maybe thanks to the ageness that gives experience, goods that you can't buy anywhere, reveal a proper identity and pay special attention to the geometrical guitar plots; they play quite precisely, nevertheless they must improve the arrangements; however, they seem ready for a record deal.
Let me conclude by saying all types of Death metal adepts won't repent having purchased a copy of this 5-track.


Current line-up:
Val Bremer - g., v.
Christopher Moleskin - b.
Jack Daniel - d., p.

Pivovarov V. G., 32,7., Melnikova St., 109044, Moscow - Russian federation
E-mail: mail@restinpain.com
Official site:

-Rest In Pain (demo - 2001)
-Higher Geometry (demo-CD - 2004)