'Death Illumination - In memory of Evil Chuck'

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MARK: 70/100


This split CD in memory of Chuck Schuldiner sees the appearance of two bands, Regicide Decease from Poland, and Calcined from Switzerland. The former have already released an album before this material and we can perceive more experience in comparison with the Swiss, who only have an EP at their shoulders.
The Poles deal with a sort of old school Death/Thrash strengthened by relentless vocals and mostly apocalyptical lyrics in English, Latin and probably Assyrian. Their music enjoys recurring to delightful melodic axe solos and fast, serpentine bass lines. The recording is dirty and the kick drums have intentionally been buried in the mixing process unlike the snare drum which is in the spotlight. For fans of Master, Grave, these three songs are accompanied by a cover version of Death's classic "Born Dead".
When Calcined's first song appears, it's plain that they're more brutal, embodying influences from Deeds Of Flesh and Devourment in particular. I was really well impressed by the lyrics of the opener "Stripped by Life", attacking profit and selling potential, which have turned to be some of the main values nowadays. There's something to improve in the vocals and the mixing unlike the Poles, almost perfect in this respect, but Calcined have a positive aspect, too: they're more various, and "For the Beyond" reminds of Mexico's Disgorge. Expect nothing but intense bludgeoning from this act, clsoing its four-track space with Death's cover version of the renowned "Evil Dead", rendered different from the original especially by hysterical vocals.
The final mark is consequently an average between 75/100 to the Poles and 65/100 to the Swiss, who suffered from a poor recording and mixing.
Not the record of the year, just a split to approach two recently-founded combos that only die-hard fans like me feel the need to have in their collection. All the others buying 10-20 CDs a year had better invest their money elsewhere.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - November 30, 2012

Regicide Decease:


Line-up on this record:
Regicide Decease:
Xaos Oblivion - v
Kuba Hajduk - g.
Urszula Poliszuk - rhythm g.
Sylwester Rakwal - d.
Maciej Slowik - b.

Magnus - v. (also in Anachronism, Gronde, ex-Krigar)
Piffeux - b. and backing v. (also in Near Death Condition)
Lulu - g.
Lionel - d.

Lublin - Poland + Bulle von Fribourg - Switzerland
Official sites:


Regicide Decease:
-Anatomy of Sickness (CD - 2011)
-Death Illumination (Split CD - 2012)

-4th Degree Burns (Demo - 2009)
-Thwarted (EP - 2011)
-Death Illumination (Split CD - 2012)