Rebelde/Gradinata Nord

"Il calcio è una cosa seria"
(Valium records)

MARK: 75/100



Nine songs divided between the 2 bands for a split of less than 25 minutes. The 4 songs by Rebelde, fellow citizens of Contrasto, are preceded by an intro taken from the legendary Tomas "Monnezza" Milian (unforgettable actor now busy in the USA with different roles from the trash ones that made him popular in Italy from the end of the 60's till the end of the 80's , great original choice, guys!); they are rooted in Hardcore cross-bred with metal lines, based on a big voice and enriched by metal accelerations, as shown in "Testa di Cazzo/Shithead". Pure Oi! refrains that you'll always remember and like are in songs like "Vaffanculo!/Go Fuck Yourself!". Add that they also have intelligent, proud and stimulating lyrics, among which many will appreciate the fourth about Rumore's and Manifesto's journalist Punkreas, and a very good recording along with crushing guitars (you hear they have a metalhead in the band, indeed!). I didn't know them, but I gotta admit they adrenalize me very much - quite a positive result! Mark: 94

Stadium choruses, football hooligan texts (are "Italia Ultrà", "Il Calcio è Una Cosa Seria/Football is a Serious Matter", or "Gradinata Nord/Northern Tiers" explicit enough titles?) and rawer recording, leaving more space to low frequencies, are what one can find in the 4 songs + a cover version of "Carry Oi!," all very pleasant, even if sometimes sounding a little too simple or green, but it's a small fault they're soon gonna be able to erase. Well, I remember when my father brought us to Livigno when I was a child and a teenager and everything seemed so peaceful, so it's a bit surprising for my subconscious to learn that Morbegno's rowdy supporters may hate Sondrio's so. This doesn't happen between Bologna's and, for example, Cento's or Medicina's. Mark: 76


c/o Enrico Guardigli - Via Somalia 78 - 47100 Forlì - I

Skin, v.
Momello, b.
Cebio, d.
Odino, g.

Gradinata Nord
c/o Mattia Bottà- Via Ninguarda 6- 23017 Morbegno (SO) - I

, v.
Bassman, b.
Ciotti, d.
Alex, rhythm and lead g.
Ignorenza, g.