'Blood Delirium'

(Red Stream)

MARK: 85/100


Excellencies Killjoy and Chris Reifert are the main minds behind this project, drenched with their mother bands' sounds for all the record's length.

The beginning is entrusted with "Razor Blade Salvation"; horrorific and painful screams stand out of the swamped guitars the way Killjoy has accustomed us; the 2 offer their vocal duties in a masterful way like no (other) demon could equal. Just an intermezzo, "Mordum", is a low-fi mess of monstruous vocals, oriental female vocals, and sanguinary radio announcements.
Candidate to become the 'hit' in my list is "August Underground", groovy and strongly Necrophagia-like; includes a cool circular riff and 2 greatly upset guitar solos. Things change just a little with "Gore Whore", death-punk between Abscess, Master and Killjoy's main band; of course a whirling axe solo couldn't but participate this blood feast, enriched by Chris "The Heathen" Valagao's gargling, like the follower.
As suggested by the title, "Baptized by Demon's Piss", is a splint of hyronical thrash gore with cruel inserts. One of the most interesting compositions definitely proves to be "Nightmares in a Damaged Brain", starting with a malignant arpeggio and a distorted guitar, growing in volume, while serial killer vocals complete the picture; a top-notch intermezzo leading to the superb groovy death notes of "Festering beneath the Fog", again halfway between Autopsy and the dissonant riffing typical of Necrophagia; the way the drums are played make me think of Titta, but unfortunately the credits are rather stingy with information, so the doubt remains.
A real tribute to Autopsy seems to my ears the swift and short "A Corpse Is Forever", rife with pounding drumwork, yahoo, in-your-face vocals (especially a very long coarse one in the final), and besides embellished by Killjoy's lyrics. Jörg Buttgereit would love it, I know!
Time for the title track, not continuously fast, yet wholly deranged like all of the original artwork, paying homage to a certain kind of comics drawings; as regards the musical side, I found elements common to Nuclear Death, Abscess and Hemdale inside, apart from a Necrophagia-oriented slow riff after a great solo; the coordinates bring back to only Necrophagia in "Spawned by Ghoul Insemination", owing to the background hellish and zombie vocals; finally, "You Will Be Eaten Alive", describable as a ritual outro, made of slow-moving beats onto the percussions and double vocals, as obsessive and effective as the drumming.

I have to admit not all songs are as involving as some others, and what's more some passages sound similar to one another. Most structures are easy just because this band was made for the fun of the members and those who it's addressed to (like Sadistik Exekution's or early Tankard's albums for instance); probably it'll never become a classic, but if you sickos are looking for a not committed record and you like Ravenous' gruesome influences, then make "Blood Delirium" yours! In a nutshell, I mean that not many will care for it, but the ones who will, will do it very much. By the way, this disc also contains the video clips of "Mordum" and "August Underground", 2 concentrates of every extreme perversion, form of violence, nightmare and whatever the diabolical imagery at the nth power could generate at the den of a fistful of deviated brains. I really liked it, as it was not one of the usual clips and sort of reminded me of Kettle Cadaver's DVD, an excellent and undervalued band.
Anyhow, for a top effect listen to this CD alone in the dark, in a morbid environment if at all possible, trust me!