Ravager - Nazxgul Rising
(Osmose Prod.)


MARK: 73/100


It's the first time I'm reviewing a band that's already split after the release of the album, so I hope that the inheritance entrusted with the new band, Hacavitz, may bring us new interesting developments. It seems too hard to keep a band together for a long time nowadays, and once I thought that these ex-members of Demonized and Disgorge (Mex) had found a cult success, the inner personal and musical balance went to hell, it's a shame! However, this 2nd full-length CD starts at 1000 mph without an intro, and it's violent hyperfast death-grind again; even if Ravager have lost guitarist Eric after their last tour, you won't hear any difference, cos his guitar duties have been performed by bass vocalist Antimo on record.

The drum work is very rapid and frantic and you'll immediately notice that the snare drum has a very 'dry' sound, quite fashionable these years, the way like a Dixan box would sound if hit. I'm not a big fan of these sounds, but of course it might sound good enough in the official release, cos I think you all know that promo cartooned CDs always have a worse sound if compared to normal CDs, so to me it's like reviewing a demo-CD with the tracks in a raw version, but I'm sure I'll sleep tonight anyhow.

The songs keep themselves involving mostly thanks to the harsh time changes, of which the best ones are in "Nuclear Vomiting Warcraft", "Hades Rises" and most of all "Of Fire Revealed". I also like the syncopated drums in "Foretold" very much, while the following "Crest Fallen of Divinity" strongly reminds me of Nile.
"As Shadows Corrupts" shows a very difficult drum time, but I'd like to stress out that the biggest difference with the previous "Storm of Sin" is that Morbid Angel's footprint appears stronger here, axe solos- and vocal-wise speaking. Yes, they really sound to me like a sort of faster Morbid Angel, and I invite you to check my view by listening to "Through Honor and Fury".

Sometimes there're some boring passages, yet this remains a very intense and lively CD for these days with a cool cover by the unrottenable Joe Petagno. Now we can only wish Hacavitz good luck...