Ravager - Storm of Sin
(Osmose Prod.)


MARK: 70/100


One of the pecularities of the Mexicans and Latin people in general is that almost always when they do something they put, of course, a lot of their culture into their works. Luckily here we have no samba or other mumbo jumbo, yet a waterfall of really fast, evil and brutal death fucking Metal, the way the Central/South American school has been systematically delivering to us since the 80's from the Brazilian Krisiun, to Peru's Mortem, to end with Mexican's Anarchus, Chasm, Disgorge and the likes. Featuring members from Disgorge and Demonized, the ex-Domain, who've had to change their monicker due to legal problems with the German homonymous band, after the demotape "Deadly Torture to the Rot Self " and a split with Demonized, "Hell Birth", released through unde American Line Prod., are here to pulverize eardrums with a pack of ten songs, recorded very 'dirtily' and with a plethora of ultracutting medium and high-tuned sounds, under the production of Juan Punchy Gonzalez (ex-Morbid Angel's live sound man and latest Diabolic's two album producer) and re-remastered in Berlin at Wimp Out Studios.

We've got an appreciable drum work, raw riffing (for example in "Scorn to the Holy Existence","Maze of Extermination", "Storming Horror"), a few deafening guitar solos played with Aztec pride, and a dark and twisted closing track, "Praise the Lord of Two Faces". First Mexican Death Metal band signed for Osmose, Ravager have released an intense blasphemous record, without any compromises and straight to your heads, the way metal should be, and this time it's no corny saying. Handle it with care...