'Advance promo 2003'

(HCP prod.)


MARK: 73/100


There's a new creature haunting the rear of underground, born from the ashes of Electric Wizard and reproposing the same style, that is, sludge-doom with some novelties: first of all Tim Begshaw now plays guitar, having left bass and throat duties to ex-Spirmyard's Adam Richardson, and secondly adding different kinds of aggressive vocals to a music tissue which isn't always slow or based on mid-tempoes.

The Dorset trio recorded 4 songs at the London Fortress Studios but for some unknown reason only 3 are included here. However, the opener "Master your Demons" shows grim doom and a final acceleration alà Graveyard Rodeo; the riffs are dirty, heavy and the vocals suffering, while the recording not too refined because the songs were recorded in a stretch of only 24 hours. The following "Ramesses II" includes even darker vocals, some of which definitely Death metal, yet the most interesting song is the 10-minute boulder "Black Domina", unfolding whispered to soon grow and burst in a way repeated a few times. This is pure Death/Doom soaked with insistent low-tuned guitar lines, sometimes distorted and sometimes not, all creating a Black magic atmosphere that will make your soul fall into despair, of course unhelped by Adam's disquieting vocals.

The vocals are various enough, the style isn't innovative, nevertheless their songs remain pleasant. I suggest the 3-piece they work on their riffs and songwriting in general more, in order to make their material more involving, taking as an example "Black Domina", certainly the best of the batch. If you dig early Cathedral, Electric Wizard and also Hellhammer, Autopsy, Skepticism, Neurosis, Isis and other similar bands, you have to hurry because the copies released of Ramesses' recordings are all very limited.


E-mail: ramesses@hcp-industries.demon.co.uk