Deep quicksand for a mental derangement

Ultra-short lazy answers by AR and MG after the release of an advance promo


-First of all a short summary for those who don't know you yet.
MG: See our web site,

-Where does the name come from? Are you into history or was it just a good name sounding well?

MG: We chose Ramesses for the forcefulness of the name. We are really into ancient history.
AR: Ramesses=Far Reaching Power and Longevity…… Ramesses II - The War Bringer - was one muther fucker. Evil Black Conjurings preserved in the sands of time. Aaaarrrggghhh…

-Why did you really split Electric Wizard and where did you find Adam?
MG: 'Electic Wizard was shit, and then EW was split - we found Adam down at the tip…whatever.'
AR: We have all known each other for years - fellow Wimbornites - They asked me to join their mayhemic volume experiments - which was lucky as I was conducting my own at the time with my ongoing assault in slow motion - HEXED. Everything clicked instantly and we have not stopped playing since - sometimes for weeks on end in our Cannon Hill Woods Cave and its labyrinth of imaginary tunnels - truly wonderful times are had at all times - until everything starts to dissolve into sick and depression - home at last. We hate you. But in a good way.

-How does Tim feel like at playing guitar?
MG: Tim feels much happier playing guitar, that is what he wanted to do for ages.
AR: Boy done good, I mean real good. Tim, how you feeeel? Eh? WHAT?…………………………………… Nothing.

-As I have no lyrics, can you describe the ones you feel most touching to you in the phase of composition?
AR: Ancient history and Civilisations, Bizarre Events, Anomalies and Details, Takara and Denys Fisher Cyborg and related design, Black arts and Witchcraft, Nature, Sonics. The spells are permanently evolving - even when songs are written. They are incantations of earth power - utilising hatred vs love and aggression vs lethargy and fanaticism vs blackness etc etc. Many will perish. Don't feel safe. You are weak. The songs do have moods and themes -reality features heavily - the darkest moments. I am frequently possessed, so it is easy to fully rant and spit shit and teeth - I love it man. I Am Going To Kill You. Will probably print some soon……..mass black masses and heads split by volume. Ganja Bonfires. Lets go. Agora.

-Are you gonna get a session guitarist live?
MG: No, we are a three piece.
AR: What?

-Why have you decided to release all the songs split in different countries for different labels? Some might bad mouth you recorded 4 songs quickly and you wanna earn as much as possible by them, by squeezing vinyl fans and also fans in general who want to have the 2 songs of Negative Reaction without getting anything new from you...
MG: That is what we agreed to do and that is what was done. These are limited releases for different parts of the world. We just want people to hear our new stuff - we are certainly not ripping anyone off!
AR: I agree with Wolf Man on this - everything is limited in different territories. Do people think we are ripping them off? That's not the feedback we've been getting.

-What are your next plans?
MG: We are already heavily involved in writing our album and we will release it in as many formats as we please.
AR: Writing new mental shit and gigging.

-Why do you think that doom has always been a limited field and most bands come from the UK or the USA? Do you think it may be a mentality or culture factor, unconsciously involving people's tastes?
AR : Fuck that. It's a way of life. A feeling. (Musically), you take what you need. We Are All Doomed. Get on with it.
MG: Maybe because the best bands come from these places?

-Have you been confirmed for some festivals?
MG+AR: No.

-You can add all you want to close the intie (message, info...). Just take all the place you need and of course thanks for the intie.
MG: Cheers.
AR: Thanks for the interest and keep up the good fight. Hope to see you at a gig in Italy……Keep It Doomed. Use Westone guitars and Ashdown amplification. Take drugs. Always drink Jagermeister in excess.