Bigditch 4707
(Self produced)


MARK: 90/100



For Rain, legendary act on even since 1980, time seems to have stopped as confirmed in this 3rd album, starting without intros with "Odissey", lively HM with power refrains and Max Festa's and Danger Zone's Roberto Priori's fine guitar solos, followed by "Last Race", displaying another effective chorus, and by "Still Alive", classic 80's HR. Here come my fave "Halt", endowed with a marvellous Megadeth-oriented axe solo, and tough "Welcome Back", surely the catchiest of the lot. And how to remain impassive before the adrenalinic "Heavy Metal"?, or the hip-swaying and vicious "Little Devil", coming just before "Network", embodying another cool solo from an old Bolognese acquaintance, Crying Steel's Franco Nipoti, overcome by "The Gate"'s solo only, which would otherwise be a good song, though not very original. The task to close the hostilities is entrusted to "End of Time", unfailing ballad. So, the songwriting receipt is still the same and the conclusion, too: Rain can sound boring and old-fashioned to the 15-20-year-olds, and can be exciting for the older, just because, many of the latter lived the golden age of 80's HR, HM, power, and thrash. Very interesting and useful the CD-Rom section, too, with pics, lyrics, trilingual bio, etc.


Born in 1980 by the will of Luciano Tattini, in 1984 they let out their first demo tape, "Bad Situation"; 1986 is the year of the second demo, "the Rain's coming". The same year, the band supports Paul Chain, Bulldozer and other bands at Metal Day, in a dance hall nearby Bologna, the hometown.
In 1990 they release they first LP, " Ten years after ", that earns a very good review on the magazine Heavy Metal.
'94 is the year of "Red revolution", recorded and produced by the band in their own studio.
In their lasting live activity, is to mention the opening in 1998 of the Harley Davidson Mugello Meeting.
Nowadays, Rain are back in studio for their new album "Bigditch 4707" (HEY! you can free download some tracks of the stunning album by this web site: http://stage.vitaminic.it/rain3/ ) or check their own webpage: www.raincrew.com

Their raw hard rock / heavy metal is straight but keeps a lot of care for melodies, and the live set is made up with own songs and covers.

The band:
LUCIO : Guitar, back voc.
AMOS : Guitar
GINO : Bass, back voc.
TRONCO : Lead voc.
MARIO : Drums
Edoardo Di Palma, Jacopo Ghisolfi: staff

For info: Amorati Alessio Via P.Togliatti, 41 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) ITALY
Telephone: 0039 0347 5429898 FAX: 0039 51 6940745
E-mail: Amos666@tin.it