'Across the World'

(Self-released on Irish Shred records)

MARK: 79/100


Released on the project band's own label, this is the first witness of the melodic Power metal vein that the Indiana duo possesses. Guitarist Martin McCann is the main man behind this monicker, completed by former bandmate Steve Mullican Jr. at the microphone duties, and the result are 9 originals and a remake of a Krokus's evergreen hit.
As the band was originally intended as a studio project and the vocalist came later, you can feel the lack of a human drummer in the more intense structures, while sometimes the guitars don't scratch enough, but they remain detail within a broadly positive creation that might be solved with the next recording.
The seasoned but experienced two-piece unfolds its cards immediately with the title track, which is actually more Hard rock than Melodic metal, due to some vocals softer than the Heavy metal average from guest Kate Flynn; the guitars are pretty airy and leave a long trail after them, soon to be replaced by "The Other Side of Much Much More", a fast and catchy nursery-rhyme on the path of Gamma Ray.
Deeply-felt vocals, golden bass lines, along with a contrast between a distorted guitar and a semi-distorted one are the primary elements of "Across the World", also destined to be remembered owing to a nice axe solo.
"My Machine" forsakes existential lyrics to the speed and power of the racing car depicted on the front cover, thus becoming the tightest of the 10 tracks, whereas "Into Your Dreams" is a ballad with two acoustic guitars plus an electric one, and at the same time one of the highlights of the record.
It's impossible not to notice the superb arrangements of the instruments and the excellent vocals of "Here with You", whose lyrics deal with aliens around us watching us all the time without we're aware at all, while with "Russian Winter" Pursuit Of Power win easy, starting from a top-notch premise that they interpret greatly.
From the Happy metal of "From A Land So Far away", we get to "Forever Burning on", a song that Manowar would appreciate for sure if they would listen to that.
The conclusion is entrusted with "Let It Scream", a masterpiece skimming Stoner metal zones, where the vocals are high and proud.
Did the pair of Metalheads manage to deliver their goods? Hell, yes!


Line-up on this record:
Martin McCann - guitars, keyboards, programming
Steve Mullican Jr. - v.

Laporte, Indiana - USA
E-mail: irishshredrecords@gmail.com
Official site:


-Across the World (CD - 2011)