Psychofagist - PromoCD 2002


MARK: 80/100



This Italian band, born from the ashes of the thrash/death act Bedeviled at the end of 2001, is a good surprise to me as to commitment and results. After losing drummer Grom, now in the cult blacksters Ancient and the virtuous guitarist Andre, they've recorded 3 tracks for this promo in a very limited edition (100 copies). The 4 Novara musicians open with "Manufacture of Mental Violence", starting and ending with sick and twisted Nuclear Death-like guitars; the song is based on a violent and 'controlled' death metal, not very fast, guranteeing the listener lots of structure variations and a lunatic solo, all framed by a flavour midway between old- and new-school patterns. "Deepest Infliction" - also in the compilation Nubilaria vol.II besides Krabathor, Legion, Frostmoon Eclipse and the like - stands out thanks to its vocals, not only the main ultraguttural ones of the zombie Conra, who unluckily left Psychofagist just after the recording, but also the guitarist Steph's malicious screams, while "Illusionary Red Sight" can vaguely be described as an innovating melting between Krabathor, Sinister and Cryptopsy (the latter because of some riffs and the use of the drums and bass).
The songwriting and the recording have to be improved next time, even though it's already a good goal the one Psychofagist have achieved now. Let's only hope they'll be less hurried and find another as excellent vocalist as Conra.


Psychofagist are:

Bizza, d.
Wrath, b
Steph, g. and screams

Contacts: Stefano Ferrian - Via Sforzesca 2/F - 28100 Novara - I
Tel: +39-(0)321-782172 / +39-3383636827