Psychofagist/Hybrid Viscery
Selfless Spite (Split CD)

(Amputated Vein Rec.)




Now it's time for top-of-the-line massive death metal extravaganza. The Italian duet comes back with a stunning parade of 5 tracks displaying a radical step onward as to brutality and music vision, that is what one's feelings are and one's own chosen way to express them. Besides the disturbing intro, "Fobia d'essere" includes a slapped bass in a short texture that makes sound not distant from Dillinger Escape Plan as to the way the guitars are used, but, like in the resting songs, it's a frantic drum machine, dictating very fast and convulsive times to stand out along with a mix of growls and high vocals in the vein of Brutal Truth. Maybe the other songs lack a bit of variety or incisiviness upon the first listens, but then their plots become clearer, which doesn't happen with "Re-manufacture of Mental Violence", that involves you from the beginning and also containes a greatly upset guitar solo (well done, Steph!). A slight betterment in the songwriting and there's nothing more we can ask these guys. (86/100).
The other 11 tracks will punch you from the beginning to the end like very few have ever done before. The Belgian dudes achieve high levels of paroxystic grind mixing wacko intros, huge doses of the blackest humour and sickness in their titles. They don't use a drum machine either, and that's why their style reminds me of unforgettable albums of Flesh Parade, Dismembered Fetus, Hemdale (at the times of the split with Exhumed) and early Napalm Death, thanks to some riffs. "Depraved" and "Testicles Implosion" seem to be the most impressive and memorable tracks, and it's superfluous to say you'll find no fillers here; nevertheless the palm of most amusing, disgusting titles ex aequo goes to "The Liquid of My Shit Is on My Ears" and "I Cum in Your Baby's Mouth", based on rotting and pulverizing vocals . Sick & Proud!!! Need I add more? (80/100).

- 1/6/03