Plastilinovy Jinn

'We Are'

(Self-released and produced CDr)

MARK: 69/100


After Holy Dragons, we have analysed another band from Alma Ata, a big country from the huge and underpopulated Kazakhstan where lots of Kirghizes fled after the recent seditions. Going back to music, this is the fourth CD and it ranges from Heavy Rock to 80's Melodic Speed/Power with occasional modern elements within some songs.

The opener "Nash Poezd" offers weird keyboards and soon afterwards a too foreseeable riff, threatening and angry vocals alternated, all between Rammstein, Kraftwerk, Wumpscut and a bit of Andrew W.K and the Deep Purple of "Smoke on the Water"!
A realtively harmless track seems to the riding title track, actually not one of the best compositions; it deals with melodic Metal but is unluckily devoid of mordent.
Plastilinovy Jinn improve very much when dealing with ballads, and I'm happy to be rocked by "Mi kazhetsa gde to vstrechalis...", followed by the fast and raw Power metal/Rock of "Igra".
I assure you won't be able to keep your behind standing with "Bey navernyaka!", rich of tight drumming and brisk vocals that make my foot beat on time. Another highlight of the CD is "Novy den", emphasizing more than the other 8 tracks how cool it is to use the Russian idiom in Metal and Rock too (but not Kazakh which doesn't sound good and isn't suitable for such music styles). Be run over by the excellent refrain that's gonna stick at your heads immediately!
Keyboards protagonists in "Dvigay", heavy and untraditional at all; contains a riff that shall make the security staffs sweat hard in the unavoidable moshpits which are gonna result downstage! My favourite track even after second thoughts, it's worth ordering the CD only for this song, tavarisch!
Suitable for radio passages, the classic FM-Rock of "Oglyanis", makes way for "Vechernie ogni", an ultrasoft and positive love ballad including suggestive jazzy piano lines and elegant, seducing Folk female vocals.

Sounds could have been more powerful and arrangements better, especially in the first two songs, mysteriously the weaker ones yet placed in the first part of the CD, but if originality is not a prioritary aspect for your musical necessities, then "We Are" could satisfy you enough.


Current line-up:
Alexander Zaplagin v., g.
George Golaev g.
Sergey Shkutko b.
Alexander Zavgorodny d.
Anzura female v.

Alma Ata - Kazakhstan
Official site:

-Gorod Masterov (CD - 1997)
-Dihanie Oseni (CD - 1998)
-Russkaya Ruletka (CD - 1999)
-We Are ( CDr - 2004)