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MARK: 69/100


The new mysteriously-monickered Spanish act is a five-piece thriving on Spanish lyrics talking about agony, perdition, dictatorship, injustice and hypocrisy.

The Death/Thrash occasionally reminding of the best elements of the early Death and south-American bands of songs such as "Agonia" and "La Perdicion" is smeared with a Punk approach
, and it wavers between the virtuosisms of the guitar solos, the Speed metal velocity, the violence of growls and screams, and the heaviness of tank-like drums.
Although "Hipocresia" is a Thrashcore song alternated with Punk/Metal with an acoustic break alà Iron Maiden making it the most heterogenous track of the ten here included, the rest proceeds on the same trail, adding a few new ingredients to the recipe, like demonic vocals in "Lagrimas de Arena".
My favourite song and probably yours, too is yet "La Ultima Cena", a Thrashcore set of drum battering displaying top-notch breaks (one even in the vein of Death/Doomsters Apophis)x, restless tension thanks to the persistant bass lines and unforgettable riffs. For those who can't grasp what I'm talking about, trust me when I say that moshpits are unavoidable with this track.

There's still some margin of improvement in the Spaniards' songwriting in terms of variety and the guitar performance might be more focussed in some solos and licks mostly, as the guitars sometimes seem to have no clear idea about the direction to take; the quality of the members is already perceivable in some tracks while in others it is similar to a rough diamond, so let's wait for their sophomore album as a definitive crucial test.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - September 20th, 2013

Line-up on this record:
Dany - v.
Herrero - b.
Tatin - g.
Diego - g., backing v.
Adrian - d.

Zaragoza, Aragon - E

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-Casket Prospects (promo-CD - 2012)
-Casket Prospects (CD - 2012)