(self-recorded and produced)

MARK: 98/100


After just one year from its foundation, Amadora's PhaZer are already out with a high level self-financed CD of modern ass-kicking Heavy Rock with adrenalinic vocals sometimes veined with Funk, other times with Metal structures. The strength of these songs resides in the coercion of having us listened to it repeatedly without having enough, thanks to the fact that each song is a potential hit full of groove, tasty melodic lines and, last but not least, MARVELLOUS axe solos.

Worth of a mention immediately is absolutely the opener "Way Downtown", based on a catchy refrain, an excellent melodic break and bright guitar solos; the construction of the compositions is classic but able to involve to the core: for example, simply irresistible is the Portuguese accent which appears to be quite suitable for the genre (just pay attention to vocalist Miranda's 's' especially in "Wonder Girl", by the way the most exacting to be sung).
After the title track (rendered in two versions), a pearl that only masters of the calibre of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam might have written together, we have the easy "Love Kills", a piece that partially reminds me so much of the US football (and I mean soccer) player of Padua and guitarist/singer/songwriter Alexi Lalas. Not a case this song is my favourite and is worth itself the purchasing of the whole CD!
Please also notice the unfortuitous clear-cut contrast created by a song that Extreme wish they had written, "Lament to the World", and the heaviest track of the 9 here included, "Benediction": probably the most stimulating and the ones that Metal fans will adore. Track followed by a refined flamenco-influenced "We're All Silent Witnesses", where sensitive Gil proves he is capable of playing any style so damned well that he had better insure his precious fingers!

The songwriting can be a bit improved by avoiding tiny juvenile mistakes like the fading of the opening track or forced Metal intrusions, giving the unpleasant impression of trying to make everybody satisfied. Besides this, this album ensures half an hour spent delightfully. Mind, the Lusitans do not care for inventing anything, but what they do here is incredibly killer. This EP is strongly recommended for all rockers of all sorts. The new Heroes del Silencio hail from Portugal, take note of this and spread the word about these four gods of Heavy Rock.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th November 2006

Line-up on this record:
Miranda, v.
Gil Neto, g.
Henrique Martins, b.
Miguel, d.

Gil Neto, Praceta Garcia de Resende, Lote 7, 6° esq. Alfornelos, 2700-408 Amadora - Portugal
Official site:

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