'Machine Grind Surgery'

(Pigeon Shit Agency)


MARK: 80/100


The come-back of the Czech Death/Grind/noise rock masters enjoys a more powerful production, much more based on low frequencies, while the style hasn't changed that much, as immediately illustrated in "Merciless Messiah", including a more articulated and various drumming.

"Unable to Resurrection" is a short discharge of growled grind, but already the following "Necrosphere" touches groovy death shores, with some acoustic guitars and a true satanic laugh. "Grindboys from Hell" doesn't have problems to become my favourite song, a good candidate for pogo and stagediving from start to finish; great guttural and corrosive high vocals screamed from far, and a well-timed final scratching.

After the shredded hammering of "Victims of the Faith", rife with death metal blasts and acoustic guitar interventions, it comes the funny death/grind of "Underwater Evil", 'embellished' by coarse and classic brutal throat scrapings, and a marvellous final devastating break; then it's time to abruptly make way for the heavy blow of the straightforward "Bazooka Brain Surgery", once again the successful formula of undistorted intermezzoes inbetween a grind tissue.

Are you waiting for a moment of relax? Perversist are happy to inform you that there's no time for such tinsels, and will sweep your bodies away with the granite avalanche named "Die in Me Forever", containing disrespectful guitar breaks in the middle of very energetic riffs.

A hard song to appreciate for me was "Napalm Ballet"; in the beginning it's a punch in your face, then it becomes the most violent out of the 11, thanks to the restless drum work and the frantic guitar plot, without forgetting Barny's guttural vocals, a man who used bleach for his mouth-rinsings before entering Prague's Hostivar Studios.

Samba? Tarantella? No way! Foaming "La Bamba"-like grind makes up the original "Misirlov", to introduce the listener to the wicked, rotten and acid ending of "Pedophiladelphia".

I do hope Perversist will remaster this CD one day, because it's so extreme and rich of details that only with a good hi-fi system or with a pair of earphones you'll be able to enjoy it, or you'll be submerged by the low sounds; weren't it for that, "Machine Grind Surgery" would've got a higher mark, owing to the tremendous drumming and the unexpected acoustic passages making it a bit better than their first full length.


Band contacts:
Roman Tygl, Kràle Jiriho 29, 36001 Karlovy Vary - Czech Rep.
E-mail: r.tygl@cs.mfcr.cz

Label contacts:
Jirka Holub, PO Box 81, 278 01 Kralupy nad Vitavou - CZ
E-mail: pigeonshitagency@hotmail.com

-Flirting with Disaster (demo - July 1998)
-Short Ways to Death (split EP with US Prophecy - 1999 by Pigeonshitagency)
-Necrophilharmony (CD - 2001 by Pigeonshitagency)
-Machine Grind Surgery (CD - 2003 by Pigeonshitagency)