(Pigeon Shit Agency)


MARK: 85/100


With a little delay we review the debut CD from the Czech gods of brutal death metal, also including 2 songs from the split EP with the US Prophecy. The style could be described as 'Regurgitation meets Dying Fetus and incests with Pungent Stench', or if you prefer a mix of razor-sharp saturated guitar sounds, high and ultra low vocals on a fast rhythmic tissue with occasional crazy rock interventions.

It is worth citing the ultra brutal breaks in "Body Devourer" with 'burped' guttural throat performances, as well in "Natural Defence System", while simply marvellous are the vocal lines in "Genetic Code Eraser", the best song of the ones here contained.

The bells of insanity toll in the homonymous track, stressing the beginning and the end of that; remarkable is the alternation between the very rapid internicine attack and the mid-tempo. "Viva La Corrida", as the title suggests, is a bit different from the others and only similar to "Body Devourer", since it includes the unexpected above mentioned acoustic rock interruptions, that contribute to make the song so particular.

The title track and "Waiting for Judgement Day" show a large assortment of extreme vocals, the latter being very lively structure-wise. The tracks from the 7" EP, that are "Faceless, Dead" and "Suicidal Self Immolation", are more death/grind, with a lot of tight tom-tom drumming and furious blasts; cool and with a clearer recording, yet less fat; maybe this is the reason why the kick-drums sound doesn't convince me wholly.

"Necrophilharmony": more rotten than this is almost like clapping with one hand...


Roman Tygl, Kràle Jiriho 29, 36001 Karlovy Vary - Czech Rep.
E-mail: r.tygl@cs.mfcr.cz