'Hecatomb of Aberration'

(Crude Entertainment records)

MARK: 79/100



The Krakowian band led by Piotr Popiel, also mastermind of Crude Entertainment, is back with 12 slashes of gory Grind/Death with decayedorama yet uneffected Carcassian vocals after the debut "Lipstick Killer"; to complete the slaughter, the compositions are enriched by several sick, disturbing or horrid intros, among which the one of "Against Tolerance" in Polish about soldiers in Katowice, differently from the remaining ones, all in English, and an artwork deign of the monicker.

Specifically, "Rectal Love" stands over the other 11 tracks owing to its flavour between Exhumed and C.S.S.O. and the successful match of lively riffs and catchy vocals (while the throat sounds in "Castration Anxietyv" are really demonic); "Massive Neck Injection by Infected Junkie" (what a darned morbid title!) results as one of the better arranged; other highlights are "Famous by Urge" (demolishing starting guitars and supreme rotten to the core mid-tempo dedicated to the most popular US serial killers), and the live-rousing "Pavulon Ambulance". The fastest and more elaborated drumwork can be found in "Tragedy in Supermarket", but let me suggest "Condemned to Rot" get the palm of most brilliant one, fanciful enough and a bit debtor of great riffs even hailing from the Thrash metal area. "Genital Vapor" is the last song above the average, rife of crushing and nasty stop'n' goes.

One mastering fault before "Vaginal Pus(sy)", which begins in a way dear to Napalm Death's "Mentally Murdered", but quickly accelerates and borrows some Mortician's licences, and not irresistible drum sounds seem to be the main improvable factors together with not too much variety. Anyway, a witnessing that the encephalogram of Gore Grind is still far from being flat.


Piotr Popiel, al. Slowackiego 31/10, 31-159 Krakow - Poland