'Cut Your Head before They Do'

(Surgical Diathesis records)

MARK: 75/100



Unusual 3-way split CD including 6 tracks, most of which live, for each Polish band and a multimedial section rife with pictures and 3 live footage, the first lasting about 21 minutes, the second 25 and the third 11. Quite a rich shop-window, don't you think?

Parricide play a sort of classical grind/death with a few special drum parts, just to be a bit different, a là early Napalm Death, Sore Throat, and so on in songs like "Resurrection To Come", but they also have tracks such as "Like the God", including disruptive slowdowns; the vocals range from pig-like, screamed, middle raw and guttural; Cannibal Corpse's cover version "Hammer Smashed Face" emphasizes Tomasz Luc's talent, whereas "Slavers of Infirmity" abounds with time changes and also contains a couple of guitar solos. "Daddy's Death" shows the best lyrics, a few Devourmentian passages and is included in "Kingdom of Downfall" along with the opener.
Much more guttural and lowtuned are Patologicum, reminding me of a blend between Mortician and "Mentally Murdered" Napalm Death in the studio track "Holocaust Business", while the remaining songs are sung in a ferocious way and the grind becomes more telluric. There's another cover version here, and this time the excellent choice's gone to Carcass' "Genital Grinder", joined to "SARS Worldwide Sprayer" without interruptions.
Extremely dangerous moshing is provoked by the rotten "No Meat, No Eat", embellished by a slowdown in the vein of Devourment, Gorefuck, etc. and fast tight parts opposed, paying their tribute to Retaliation and the likes.
The recipe for the cover version of Dead Infection's "Poppy Seed Cake" (drunken improvisation)? Easy, just shake some Nasum and a tad of Nyctophobic; on the other hand, the very raw "Castration Anxiety" could be described as a mix between Agathocles' mincecore and C.S.S.O. as to the vocals.
Deformed are less grind and a bit more on the death metal side; their live tracks enjoy very neat sounds keeping them at the same time aggressive, starting from the opener "Prelude"; the vocals are the most guttural of the 3 yet there're also some screamed back-up ones borrowed from Naked City's John Zorn ("Bullet in My Head"). The studio track "Six Years", taken from the MCD "Everything Is A Fun Torture", and "Blood" are absolutely my favourite compositions. The title track is close to Traumatism's stuff, finally, "Sterilized Zone" is destined to Inhumate's fans without doubts.

Although I have a preference for Patologicum and Deformed, all of 3 achieve the same qualitative level referring to the songs; moreover, the sounds are good even if we deal with live tracks with just a slight worsening with the Deformed clip quality. There's not too much light as these are amateur live recordings, but who cares after all? They are grinders, not popstars! However, if you're a fan of Grind, and you wish to have a first listen and look to 3 rather new bands, you have no excuse not to put your hands on this richly enhanced-CD.



Parricide: Po Box 28, 22-104 Chelm 5 - Poland

Crude Entertainment
c/o Piotr Popiel, Al. Slowackiego 31/10, 31/159 Krakow - Poland

Deformed: Po Box 15, 34-200 Sucha Beskidzka - Poland
Tel: +48 503836301

Surgical Diathesis records:
c/o Krzystof Lucjan
PO Box 110, 39-300 Mielec 1 - Poland
Tel: +48 0175826542