(Self-released CD)

MARK: 86/100

It's a mystery to me why I've never seen this band live at a big club or at a festival, since there is nothing they could envy another Italian band, even one on the scene for a long while.
The debut album from the Varese quartet consists of 10 tracks of energetic Hard rock in the vein of 80s veterans, but made heavier by a powerfully compressed recording.
While the title-track and "Steamroller Blues" pay a heay tribute to the guitar sounds of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, "Rockin' Blood", "Nasty Rhythm" and "I Don't Bite" go one step beyond, englobing stylistic influences from the above-mentioned bands; it has to be stressed out that Matteo's voice differs from Robert Plant's, Bon Scott's or Brian Johnson's, so this allows the songs to sound diverse enough. At the same time it is true that On-Off actually started as an AC/DC tribute band, therefore there must've been an effort both from the singer and sound engineer Paolo Dal Broi in order not to make the Italian act's first effort a boring, useless and dishonorable copy of the Australian monsters.
All the tracks can count on marked catchiness, but the best ones to my ears and neurones are "It's Hard to Break Me" and "Com'on Baby"; I like the way the vocalist tells of his fight not to be ruled by a woman, the guitar solos and the manner the riffs proceed, big debtors to the undervalued Great White; in the latter there's also refinement of taste and a bent for the US culture at a discount.
Two songs destined to become classics requested live, "I'm A Shooter" and "Seven", comrise indelible refrains, whereas the closing "Let Me Play My Stuff" is characterized by a harmonica, going as a lead and solo instrument.
Add lyrics about women, Rock music and tough attitude, and it won't take much to realize why this record has all of the qualities to enter the discography of a Hard rock lover looking for newcomers already capable of solid, effective arrangements.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - August 20th, 2010

Line-up on this record:
Matteo Vago - vocals, guitar
Fabio Lazzarin - bass
Davide Battistella - guitar
Samuele Squaiella - drums

Matteo Vago, via della Pergola 17, 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA) - Italy

Official site:


-Rock 'n' Roll Band demo (promo-CD - 2002)
-AC/DC tribute band demo (promo-CD - 2004)
- Ribcrasher (CD - 2010)