Notre Dame
'Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You, the 2nd'
(Osmose Prod.)


MARK: 85/100


This is a very amusing band at the 4th release on the French label, and this time we're not in front of a totally new record; as a matter of fact "Coming Soon..." was originally released on Halloween 31st Oct '98 on a very small label, and now it's been remixed, the artwork's been renewed by an extravagant digipack, a poster's been added, and most of all, 6 unreleased tracks have been added. Talking about the music, for a start I have got to say we have a very theatrical band, who likes to use raw death-rattles ("The Bells of Notre Dame"), Halfordian vocals ("Blacksmith & Co."), female persuasive trills (for ex. in "Vlad the Impaler"), a lot of keyboards, and that's why they can occasionally remind of T.O.N.. Notre Dame are proud to show off their eclecticism and unforeseeability when comes the horrorific "Dracula Sucks", and then with the rolling and danceable "Ulv"; after an intro with wolves' howls they still play the card of mixing female vocals with male Halfordian ones in "Daughter of Darkness", while "Sisterhood" is a fast short parenthesis, and HERE they come, the piano and children's disquieting vocals (in my own conceit nothing can be more worrying than a threatening child, cos it's just the opposite of what you expect from the symbol of purity and innocence, and the contrast is that strong), intentionally placed before the electrical guitar blasts within "Michael", undoubtely the best song of the CD, deign to become a soundtrack for a serious horror flick. "Give Blood - Save Lives" pounds again, but it changes in the 2nd part. The '70's school inaugurated by Alice Cooper, mingled with the Rocky Horror Picture Show's flavour, and a little black humour clearly borrowed by the Addams' family characterize "A Misconception of the French Kiss", before the triumphal end through "Horrorscope" (not Overkill's cover). I admit I didn't know Notre Dame, but now I can say this is a weird funny revelation album that will conquer a bunch of fans, even though it's not destined to die-hard extreme fans, but after all, who can satisfy everybody's music hunger?